How can we Help You Get in Front of potential new Landscape Architects?

ISDM is a Leader in Landscape architecture Continuing Education Provider approved for distance education by LA CES and Florida

  • Approved to offer distance education courses and have since 2014

  • Have over 4,300 landscape architecture customers

  • Have 18,000 on our email newsletter list with an open rate that averages 36%

  • Over 93,913 Course Enrollments!


  • How can this benefit our company?

    Getting the attention of our landscape architecture customers to potentially spec out your product, can be a significant ROI.

  • Who provides the course?

    Your company would provide either a pre-recorded webinar, PDF course, or could hold live courses via zoom within our site. Since most of our courses are either pre-recorded webinars or PDF course with audio(we provide), that is generally the easiest option.

  • Do we have to submit who passes or grade any quizzes?

    No, we handle all of that for you.

  • Do we have to get the course approved for distance learning from the ASLA?

    No, we handle all of that.

  • What do you need us to provide?

    The pre-recorded webinar or PDF that is at least 50 minutes long taught by a qualified professional. This has to be educational and can not be an hour long product pitch. We also need a resume/CV of the presenter, a paragraph course description, and 12 questions/answers per hour the course is in length. Providing educational value and showing case studies of how your product worked to resolve a common issue that landscape architects face is acceptable if the focus is kept on the how and why it worked and less on the "what product" aspect. You can provide separate educational materials, links, etc for the students to look at beyond this course.

  • What are the options to Partner with ISDM?

    We have 2 methods to host your courses on our site and get in front of our customers. 1. Partner or 2. Affiliate . See the difference below.

ASLA (LA CES ) Approved Distance Provider

ISDM is an approved distance education provider by LA CES (part of the ASLA) to provide continuing education courses to Landscape Architects.  ISDM is an approved distance education provider by LA CES (part of the ASLA) to provide continuing education courses to Landscape Architects.  

How to Partner with ISDM

Below are the 2 options

  • Partner

    This allows your company to have unlimited courses on the site. You will receive unlimited coupons to one of your courses, to give to your customers or prospects to make the course free. The Course is provided to all our subscription members for free. The courses will be promoted to our newsletter and current customers. You also have access to see exactly how many people, who they are, and their contact information if they take one of your courses! You retain the ownership of the IP and webinar/pdfs. The value of one landscape architect specifying out one or your products is worth far more than the cost to get in front of them. This partnership is an introductory cost of $1,000 for the first year.

  • Affiliate

    This level of working with ISDM, allows you to post 1 course on the site. You will not have access to the landscape architects information who take the course, and there are not any free coupons provided for you to hand out to your potential customers. ISDM does all the administrative work, and may or may not promote the course. It will be provided to all our current subscription members. This introductory cost of this level is FREE. This is a good way to get to know ISDM , and at the end of a year, we will provide you with analytics of how many people took your course, and see if it makes sense for you to move up to be an ISDM partner. Hard to beat FREE (except the ROI on Partner level).

Become a Partner or Affiliate with ISDM

Get in front of your ideal people! Landscape architects. Email us at: [email protected] to get started