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Three community forces joined to re-create the Adventure Playground located near the University of California - Irvine: the grassroots activists, community workshops, and the city staff. They helped bring this children's sanctuary back to life and recreate the fun-loving atmosphere for children around the community.

This course provides a brief introduction to adventure playgrounds, the ecological and planning constraints that gave context to the redesigned playground, and the collaborative design process that is giving form to a new kind of adventure play.

Leading the presentation is Claire Latané, Senior Associate at Mia Lehrer + Associates and also a writer with passion for topics related to landscape architecture and playgrounds.


Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about the various restoration methods applied to ensure the efforts’ success.

2. Understand the value and benefits of playgrounds or play areas to the community especially to children’s welfare.


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Pre-recorded webinar


Claire Latané, Writer, Senior Associate - Mia Lehrer + Associates



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