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This webinar will introduce key concepts in the use of daylighting within exterior covered structures and within the design of vertical hardscape. The term daylighting, typically applied to use within buildings, describes a concept of the use of design techniques to use reflection, opening placement, with lighting control integration, will be discussed in the context of the design of hardscape outdoors.

The integration of solar angles, wind movement, shadows, shade, all impact thermal comfort of a space. Through strategic placement of conceptual techniques of daylighting, including strategic placement of opening in walls, or other vertical structures can influence the thermal comfort of the space. The use of reflective elements such as water can be used within night lighting to reduce needed lighting to achieve the needed design and safety considerations. Examples will be presented to illustrate the concepts.


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand the key benefits of daylighting concepts and its application to outdoor design of spaces.
2. Describe a range of design considerations associated with daylighting techniques for the exterior environment
3. Describe a range of daylight delivery systems and methods that can be used by Landscape Architects within their hardscape design.


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James McGregor, Electrical Engineer


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