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This course not only lets you learn about botanical terminologies but also inspires you to work with what you have, whether it be twigs and buds, bark, or fruit. Most importantly, this course allows you to identify and understand trees and the processes they go through to achieve a specific state.

The subject also touches on various methods of taking care of trees, giving landscape architects, foresters, and even nature-lovers an idea of how trees and forest in general can be taken care of or maintained.


Learning Objectives:

1. Learn about various botanical terminology.

2. Learn how to identify trees with their barks and buds.

3. Understand the life of trees and how they should be maintained and taken care of.


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Pre-recorded webinar


Jay C. Hayek, Extension Forestry Specialist - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


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Course curriculum

  • 01

    Identifying Trees by Bark and Buds

    • Watch the Video

  • 02

    Identifying Trees by Bark and Buds Quiz

    • Take the Quiz

  • 03

    Identifying Trees by Bark and Buds Survey

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