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The Coastal Ecology course explores the biotic and abiotic factors that affect coastal communities. This course explores the main coastal habitat types in depth with physical factors, tropic levels, and the flora and fauna that inhabit these ecosystems. Human influences and effects are discussed for each habitat type and the overall health of coastal environments, as well as their long term conservation and protection


Learning Objectives:

1. Comprehend Physical factors of coastal habitats, including topics such as:
– Tides, how they work and what drives them.
– Geologic processes that create estuaries, marshes, beaches, and rocky

2. Comprehend Estuaries, where fresh and salt water mix, including topics such as:
– Major types of estuaries
 – Stratified water columns and effects on biodiversity

3. Learn about Coastal Shore communities, including topics such as:
– Salt Marshes
– Mangroves
– Sandy Beaches
 – Rocky Shores


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Jennifer McCarthy Tyrrell, B.S. in Biology and Marine Science, Masters in Environmental Studies


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