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Course Description:

The course focuses on the concept of biophilic design and its application in the built environment to enhance human well-being. Biophilia refers to our innate connection with nature, and biophilic design aims to incorporate nature-inspired elements and principles into buildings and spaces. The course will explore the origins and context of biophilic design, as well as its impact on occupant health and well-being. It will also delve into the Biophilic Office Project, which involves measuring the benefits of biophilic design in workplace settings. While the course primarily focuses on the workplace, it will touch upon other building typologies as well. Additionally, the course will highlight the interconnection between biophilic design, sustainability, and the pathway to achieving zero carbon emissions. It will emphasize the role of individuals and organizations in unlocking the potential of biophilic design and its impact on health and well-being. The course will draw on examples from the forest products industry, particularly the use of wood as a natural material that can contribute to carbon sequestration in buildings. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Attendees will understand the concept of biophilic design and its application in the built environment.

2. Attendees will understand  the impact of biophilic design on occupant health and well-being.

3. Attendees will learn about the interconnectedness between well-being, sustainability, and the transition to net-zero carbon emissions.

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    1. Biophilic design - health nature and net zero, Ed Suttie, BRE

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